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Will continue to knock the door of selection panel: Parveez Rasool

Will continue to knock the door of selection panel: Parveez Rasool



Srinagar, Jan 15: After finishing their campaign of Ranji Trophy season 2018-19, Jammu and Kashmir senior cricket team captain Parveez Rasool said that JK team displayed good performance in Ranji Trophy as compared to previous seasons.

JK cricket team played a total of nine matches out of which JK won three games, lost five and played a draw against Goa in Ranji season 2018-19.

“No doubt we lost few games but this time we fight back and have given tough and equal competition to the opposite teams as compared to the performances of previous seasons when we used to battle in one sided games,” skipper Parveez said while talking to the JKSportstime.

Appreciating the decision of selectors for inducting young guns like Musaif Aijaz, Rasikh Salam, Kanhaiya Wadhawan, etc in mid of the Ranji season in the team, Parveez said “Even few people might be unhappy of this decision but overall everyone is happy with it. These boys know if they will set new standard they will be playing at higher levels and in the long run it will prove advantageous for JK cricket.”

Adding that these boys are future of JK cricket and in coming years these young boys will play crucial role and lead the JK team.

“As fielding of the JK team is bit poor, we need to work out in that department and when we induct young legs in the team, they have to perform in all the departments.”

Parveez says if young players continue to impress the selectors they will definitely play at higher levels.

“Like we brought Kanhaiya Wadhawan in the squad and he was in good nick with both bat and wicket keeping and has scored 400 runs. We were lacking wicket-keeping batsman and he fulfills that spot. Suryansh Raina also scored double century besides Rasikh Salam and Musaif Aijaz, all played well,” he claims.

Regarding the players who couldn’t perform better in the season, Rasool said that they need to work out as per their programs given to them by coaches and mentor.

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“The deficiencies among players are being discussed and they are being told where they commit mistakes. Players have potential and to take their potential forward, our coaches and mentor have given them programs so that they can work-out and overcome their deficiencies,” he says.

Rasool claims that the inception of Irfan Pathan in Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA), as mentor cum player, brought new revolution to the JK cricket. He claims that Pathan has been in Kashmir for four months during which he met boys and supervised them besides hold selection process.

“In the history of JK cricket I’ve never seen any outsider, who was associated with JKCA, staying with the boys for more than ten days. Irfan’s presence in the team is a big thing for us. He himself contributed for the team. His inception definitely brought some changes in the squads. If we see, many new faces and talented boys got chance to rub their shoulders in JKCA U-16, U-19, and U-23 teams respectively which used to be only their dream but with the inception of Irfan their dreams were transformed into reality and the changes in JK cricket is quite evident to everyone,” he says.

Crediting Irfan, Parveez says the friendly atmosphere in the team and the fire of winning the games is because of him.

“What should be the mindset of players during the game, we learn it from Irfan. He has benefited each and every player in the team. I have skippered JK team from almost 3-4 years now even I got an opportunity to learn from Irfan,” he says.

Rasool further expressed that it feels good to know that people in JK are following domestic cricket and are vehemently supporting their team through thick and thin.

“Those who are following cricket from past ten years might be aware that JK team used to hardly win a game or draw a game but from previous years JK team is winning 3-4 games besides fight back and give tough competition to their opponent teams. After noticing that back home people are following our cricket, I asked the boys that we must improve our performance as people at home have high expectations from us,” he says.

Expressing his gratitude to Chief Executive Officer JKCA, Syed Ashiq Hussain Bukhari, Rasool says, “We are thankful to CEO and Committee of Administrators for allowing us to go through the four months of preparation time which include camps and training session due to which we performed better in this domestic season and in coming time it will be much better than before.”

For the upcoming T-20 tournament, Rasool said that they have experienced selection committee and mentor, “the players who have potential to play in T-20s will be selected in the team for the upcoming tourney.”

Parveez Rasool – an all-rounder, who represented India in 2014, scored 684 individual runs besides scalped 35 handful wickets in nine matches of Ranji Trophy season 2018-19.

When asked about his non-induction in the Indian team, Rasool says that he is working hard and has improved his cricket.

“From past seasons I have been improving my performance and have performed well and I want to do much better in future as well. This time I have finished as top all rounder in nine matches in India. I can only work hard rest depends on Allah what He has planned for us. As much as I can I will continue to contribute in JK cricket,” he says.

For not being selected in Indian team, he says it is also part of career and it depends on ones’ mind set.

“I never feel let down. It is part of the life even many players who have performed well in past are not playing in Indian team. Yes, sometimes I feel disappointed but it does not mean I will leave it here and feel let down. I will continue my process and perform better and when it will be in my fate then no one can stop it,” Parveez believes.

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